Charles Stanley and Prayer


Charles Stanley says:

“Now do you know one of the greatest reasons people do not pray? It’s real simple, it’s called S-I-N. And when you have sin in your life, ongoing sin in your life, you are not very prone to get into the presence of the Holy God, and talk to him about your life unless you are willing and ready to lay it down and get it right with God because when we pray we are talking to Holy God, and talking to a Holy God in the presence of God and sin, those two things just don’t fit.

And prayer is the most important thing we do. Talking to God is the most important thing we do. Talking to God the sovereign God of the universe who has all power and all knowledge and who knows what your feel and what you’re gonna before you ask him.

But to come to him having avoided the Lord the Lord Jesus Christ, if you’ve never trusted him as your Savior, you forget to pray until you trust Him as your Savior. You may have some kind of god in your life, but apart from him you will never reach the one true eternal God.”

Watch his video here.

Here’s an excerpt of a poem about prayer I wrote in 2008. I have some time in my hands to polish it today. The entire poem is in my blog:

I will pray when the wind blows strongly.  

I will pray when it’s a gentle breeze.  

I will pray when fear builds up within me.  

When I am feeling great or not at ease —

I will pray and listen.

I will Pray and Listen by Ruth Solitario

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