How I Process My Homeschool Reflections and Thoughts

Today, I am doing the finishing touches for my child’s portfolio for school year 2019-2020.

I am taking the time to record my thoughts because I have to process several things, and remind myself several important points.

I have been praying to the Lord to make my heart right for this. I do this because making portfolio in the past stressed me out.

Phil is with his Daddy, and Pru is sleeping. I am here processing. And I am reminded of God’s faithfulness in our homeschool!

I take a deep breath and remember that I will not be graded as a parent — how good I am or bad I am. It’s about my child and God’s work in my child’s education. It’s not about perfection but growth. When I say this, I feel better. And thankful. Why? Because Jesus has got it all covered and has blessed me with the tremendous opportunity to take care of my child’s education, undeserving that I am!

My Homeschool Notes

What are the goals I have set this school year for my child? My portfolio should show the attainment of those goals. I have here two of what I automatically blurt out when people ask me give an impromptu speech about my homeschool goals. I don’t know why I always come up with these at the drop of a hat, perhaps they have become intuitive at this point.

In setting goals, I have a Latin maxim and Scripture that guide me:

a. Mens sana in corpore sano.Healthy mind in a healthy body.

— What are the physical activities that my daughter engaged in this year? How is her physical constitution — is she eating healthier, making healthy food choices, and giving value to her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being?

b. And Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 — What are the different domains in education and how did my child grow in each of them?

— What is my assessment of my child’s progress in the cognitive/wisdom, psychomotor/stature, affective/cognitive/social (relationship with God and man) domains?What are the performance based activities that my child accomplished to demonstrate application of lessons learned?

From my understanding —

The cognitive domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy refers to the skills of the mind like memorizing, analyzing, evaluating, etc. The highest skill is creativity (the creation of something from what is learned or the innovation of something to serve a purpose). Whatever skills she is able to show, I will take note of it.

The psychomotor domain refers to her physical activities. What physical activity, sport, or other kinesthetic activity did she engage in this school year? I will note them down.

The affective domain (closely connected with the cognitive domain) is very important, and here’s why. Because we have taken the Christian Homeschooling route, I take note of areas where she has grown in terms of her faith in God, her love for the Lord, His Word and the things of God, which reflects her character as a daughter, student, friend, and citizen.

(Btw, as Christian homeschoolers, we try to integrate Bible and Character lessons here and there. When a book is like Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, that’s not hard to do.)

On that note, I thank God for the Lord’s work in her life. This year, she told me about her dream to be a missionary. Ahh, childhood dreams — how beautiful to hear them. (I wrote a post about childhood dreams here.)

Her Achievements in the Subjects

It’s been an exciting year, a year where my daughter has guzzled so much information through different sources. I am amazed how she can talk about something (say, the Atacama Dessert) and piece in integrate various information from Mouk to her I Wonder Why books to her Horrible Geography readings.

She’s also hurdled her initial difficulties in Mathematics through such programs as ABCMOUSE, Mobymax, and Khan Academy.

At the moment, she is reading and writing well (when it is not assigned) and a bit low on motivation when the topic is assigned. She is working on her spelling, sentence construction, paragraph creation — she’s got a long way to go but she’s way past her level.

(I am a writer and its HAAARD for me to assess her papers. I think I have been too strict on her, too. I guess I should relax and think of those times when my writing teachers had been patient with me too. I need to remember those days! Will probably write a separate post for this soon.)

For Filipino, she has exhibited significant improvement with her reading and speaking skills. Although I don’t hear her speak Filipino sentences a lot of times, she understands Filipino better now than before. We have made significant improvement in this area through Batibot stories and Filipino songs I taught her to sing. I integrated AP with Filipino through the study of Filipino vocabulary for different aspects of and places found in the local community. She also sang a song by Gary Granada to learn about Filipino poor folk (integrated with AP).

For Araling Panlipunan, she has shown great enthusiasm whenever I talk about the government. I think she can tell you confidently her very basic understanding of the three branches of government, the Barangay, and the Community we live in. I also integrated Filipino, AP and Geography, as well Christian Living (Mystery of History is a book recommended by our Homeschool Provider which we study in AP also.) She loved this video for our comparison study of old Filipino rural life versus what we have now.

For MAPEH, we lavished ourselves with Psalty’s Music of God’s Family (which is history, too) and several classical pieces for appreciation (Vivaldi, Handel, Paganini, etc.).

Since I have been singing in choirs from High School to College, I handled her basic voice instruction. (It was good for me to go back to my roots!)

We sang hymns and other contemporary songs this year. I also love hymns, just like her! I also taught her how to play basic guitar chords, and she tinkered with the thumb piano and performed “When Jesus is in the Family” with much enthusiasm.

For Arts, we had basic drawing, studied the work of Van Gogh, Vermeer, etc. For inspiration, I allowed her to watch journaling and doodling YouTube videos which she enjoyed so much.

She also is a fan of Bob Ross and we watch his YouTube episodes when we feel like doing art. 🙂

Theater Arts – Julie Andrews’ Netflix show.

PE is swimming, lots of nature walks (prior to the quarantine) and ball handling (bouncing, tossing, just the basics), and a little biking, which she learned this year with some friends who were kind enough to teach and guide her.

For Health, we generally study hygiene, eating healthy and staying safe in different situations.

For Christian Living, we went simple. We read the Bible, used God’s Got An Answer For That, and Leading Little Ones to God. For Character, we read Achieving True Success, a lot of picture books, biographical sketches, and watched videos from this:

What Matters Most

Now I have to sit down and input her grades in an online grading system portal. I thank God for what He has begun in us when we homeschooled — a journey of a lifetime, guarded with grace, showered with forgiveness, and enriched with wonder of His creation, works, and promises.

My homeschool is unlike any other homeschool, but it is beautiful just the same because of God’s work in it.

I end with a video from (Sherry Hayes) who is one of my go-to inspiring moms when I am overwhelmed. She has a lot of children, and though I only have two, I have a lot to learn from her! Watch it with me. ❤

Blessings as you go!


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    • Nakakalungkot naman po… Ako naman po ay nabiyayaan po ng Diyos at nakakapagturo po ako ng aking anak. Mahirap po itong gawin pero sa awa ng Diyos ay nairaraos naman po sa awa Niya.

      • Ang malaking problema ng mga OFW ay na may pera sila pero walang panahon para sa mga anak….ang nakikita sa pelikulang “Anak” ay exactly kung ano ang nangyayari dito sa mga pamilyang Pinoy

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