Decluttering and Maturity

Today, I will yet again embark on a decluttering activity. And I am excited AND afraid at the same time. You see, decluttering is not simply a matter of picking up things to discard. Those who have shifted from a life full of stuff to a life of intentional simplicity will surely understand the emotional, [...]


What Procrastination Does to Spiders and Your Writing Dreams

As I was preparing for my daughter's portfolio review, I realized I needed a folder for her writing activities. So I began looking through the box of folders under one of our beds. I chanced upon a huge three-ring binder which I bought to compile my manuscripts. I didn't get around to doing that. Things [...]

Just Another Recycling Story

Do you still remember my first post on sustainability? There, I recounted how I turned from trash churner to trash champion with a renewed mindset, and that is, this: When I manage my trash, I lessen my stress and the stress I give to the environment. Fast forward now, I am happy. And my sanity [...]

Take Things Slowly

I love to observe unhurried people. Their peace is energizing. They make rebellion to the prevalent notion look good. I want to pick their brains.

Sustainable It Is

These past months, there had been several instances when the poor, tiny dump truck supposed to pick up trash in our area would just pass us by, not even stopping to collect our garbage. You see, by the time it reached our street, it was full, dangerously tottering on one side, without room for more. [...]

Carve Out Your Creative Space

You will reap so many benefits after decluttering your space. And one of the benefits of a decluttered lifeworld is this: you can pursue what you are passionate about with less baggage under better conditions. I am not talking about those daily work we need to do for our families and friends, although we are passionate about them, too. [...]

Office Schooling

Today, we will be office schooling. Huh? I hear you saying. This might be unfamiliar terrain for you. You might have heard of home schooling, but wait, office schooling? If you're a working mom, you can office school if your company permits and if your work is the type that can wiggle enough room for [...]

Magandang Umaga

Isa sa mga mabubuting asal sa loob ng isang pamilya ang pagbati sa mga kasama sa bahay ng Good Morning sa umaga. Sa sobrang aga kong nagising ngayon, wala akong mabati agad. Kaya minabuti kong i-Good Morning si Lord. Ikaw, nagu-good morning ka rin ba kay Lord? Nasabi ko na dati na kasama sa aking [...]

Bakit Ako Naghohomeschool

Nasa pangalawang taon na ako ng paghohomeschool, at masasabi ko na masaya kami ng aking anak. Una, malawak ang aming paaralan. Maaaring nasa bahay kami kadalasan pero maaari din kaming mag-aral kung saan-saan. Minsan nasa labas, nanghuhuli ng kulisap, palaka, o naghahanap ng suso. Sinasama ko siya kung saan ako --- sa palengke, sa mall, [...]

Declutter Daw

Ilang beses ko nang naiisipang bumili ng mga "organizers". Pero napagtanto ko na hindi pala organizers ang kailangan ko. By organizers, I mean, yung mga lalagyan, mga anik-anik na color-coded, etc. para DAW mas maging maayos ang iyong bahay/buhay. Hindi ko pala kailangan ng mga iyon. Ayon sa mga vlog na sinusundan ko sa ngayon, [...]

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